Our Strategy

As SIS Group, our goal is to create sustainable, long-term growth by putting our customers' safety first. This is achieved by having the most satisfied customers in the industry and strong competitive brand positions in our markets. Through our business strategy, we clarify our objectives and guide our companies toward long-term profitability and growth.


At SIS Group, we strive to utilize our resources efficiently. To do so, we prioritize reducing our environmental impact by lowering energy use and transportation emissions.


SIS Group is the leading safety signage group in the Nordics, constantly motivated to move forward by the drive to want, dare and renew. In 2022, we introduced Supernova+®, the patented next-generation color-illuminated safety signs. Color innovation for saving lives | Supernova+® 


SIS Group owns production companies, and we aim to only purchase materials that are produced in an ethical, socially sustainable and eco-friendly manner. SIS Group uses codes of conduct to achieve this aim. A supplier can either comply with our Code of Conduct, follow a third-party verified code, or have its own code that we as a buyer can choose to accept.

Manufacturing all signage in-house means that our customers are guaranteed quality results, on time every time. Our production keeps pace with modern technology, changing legislation and time-critical lead times.  Most importantly, however, is our ability to adapt to an ever-changing market.


SIS Group aims to harness the possibilities of digitization to become the leader in our markets. Digital elements are to be integrated into the company in areas where they can create benefits across all stages of the value chain. This includes e-commerce to warehouse management.